Ardell Light As Air 522 false lashes, with medium length and volume for a charming look.

Made from innovative synthetic fibers, these lashes are incredibly ultra-thin and light, being 50% lighter than traditional lashes.

With a playfully shorter design at the inner corners and gradually growing towards the outer corners, these Ardell lashes offer the perfect balance between naturalness and impact.

Hourglass fiber technology provides volume without weighing down your eyes, while the lightweight criss-cross pattern and staggered lengths ensure realistic, natural movement.

Furthermore, they are equipped with exclusive Invisiband® technology, which adapts perfectly to your natural lash line, ensuring a comfortable and discreet fit.

With proper care, these lashes can last up to two weeks, giving you a stunning, sophisticated look for longer.

Main features:

  • Medium length and volume for a charming look
  • Made from innovative synthetic fibers, 50% lighter than traditional lashes
  • Shorter design at the inner corners, gradually growing towards the outer corners
  • Hourglass fiber technology for volume without weighing down the eyes
  • Lightweight criss-cross pattern and staggered lengths for realistic, natural movement
  • Ardell's exclusive Invisiband® technology for a perfect fit to your natural lash line
  • Lasts up to 2 weeks with proper care, providing a stunning look for longer
  • Duo Clear glue included, long-lasting and safe for eyes

How to use: Easy application in 3 steps: Confirm size: Align the strip with your natural lash line to check fit. Trim excess if necessary. Apply glue: Apply a thin line of glue along the strip. Wait 30 seconds for it to set. Apply lashes: Secure the strip to your natural lash line by pressing it down on your natural lash line.

Removal: To remove, gently pull off the strip starting at the outer corner of your eye. Remove the glue used on the strip and return the lashes to their packaging for later use.

Warnings: Use only as directed. Read the instructions carefully before starting application. Do not allow any product to come into contact with the eyes. Keep out of reach of children. For external use only.

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