Hair serum that reactivates the sealing effect and eliminates frizz , the perfect solution to control frizz and achieve a long-lasting straight effect .

This leave-in spray is ideal for controlling volume and frizzy hair, promoting a long-lasting straight effect.

It can be used on hair that has been straightened to prolong its lifespan or on hair without chemical straightening to prevent frizz and achieve a straight effect quickly and easily .

With the use of heat, flat iron or dryer, the active ingredient joins the hair cuticles, creating a memory effect that, with continued use, makes the hair smoother and smoother.

Its instant straight hair effect and quick drying make this serum unique and effective.

Main features:

  • Suitable for all hair types
  • volume control
  • anti frizz
  • memory effect
  • instant smooth effect with quick drying

How to use:
It can be used in three ways:
Fast drying and super smooth: Apply the serum to damp and clean hair, evenly from growth to ends and dry the hair with a hairdryer. Divide the hair into small divisions and pass the flat iron 3x in each of them from growth to ends.

Smooth memory effect: Apply the serum to damp and clean hair, comb the hair from growth to ends and dry with a hairdryer.

Anti-frizz Control: Apply the serum to damp and clean hair. Do not use a heat source, just comb the hair.

Also use…

  • Finishing all hair washes with the use of a conditioner is essential for treating the surface of the hair, making it smooth and shiny.
  • An Infrared Hair Board to straighten the strands in a practical and quick way, this technology gives more shine and seals the hair cuticles;
  • Dry your hair with a professional hair dryer , its technology releases negative ions that help seal the hair cuticle, control frizz, reduce drying time and ensure more shine;
  • For the hardest to detangle hair the Wet Brush Backbar Detangler Hair Brush is perfect. Exclusive heat-resistant HeatFlex™ bristles detangle smoothly. Aquavents™ Technology is great for use in the shower as it allows you to comb through your hair with conditioner and other treatments for more even, thorough distribution;
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