Developed especially for those in love with straight hair, Thermoactivated Fluid is the most innovative and indispensable solution for your daily life.

With flaxseeds in its formula, this product offers 14 magical benefits at once.

Main features:

  • The more you use it, the smoother the hair becomes.
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Smooth effect for much longer
  • Ultra sealing, restores the hydrophobicity of a natural hair
  • Blocks moisture from the air, forming a tough film
  • no frizz
  • Soft velvety touch
  • Thermal protection
  • Repairs and prevents split ends, with an anti-breakage action
  • easy to untangle
  • nourish and restore
  • radiant glow
  • Hair dries faster
  • It does not contain chemical transformation actives, so it does not compromise the health of the hair

How to use: After washing and conditioning the hair, remove the moisture with a towel. Spray the Thermoactivated Fluid from root to tip and comb through. If you prefer, finish with the plank.

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