Professional results on any hair type

SteamPod 4 is the first professional All-in-One hair iron with steam technology from L'Oréal Professionnel.

Its new version, features a new elegant and ergonomic design, with floating ceramic plates for easier straightening, now reaching up to 30% closer to the hair root compared to Steampod 3 for straight and smooth hair from the root. .

Its new metal plates and temperature control create more defined and lighter curls, while its patented SteamPod 4 steam technology features a continuous steam flow of 0.8g/min for visibly smoother, smoother hair. .

Its exclusive accessories include: 3 combs for any hair type + 1 thermal toiletry bag + 2 thermoprotective plates for safe straightening + Gift bag*

Professional results with 95% less hair damage¹, x3 faster² and 2x smoother² for Long-lasting Looks³ and More Defined Curls⁴.

Main features:

  • New feature for curls: gentle temperature up to 100ºC for longer lasting curls⁴
  • New set of 3 combs: adapted to ensure the distribution of steam throughout the hair
  • Patented steam technology: for better hair discipline and smoothness⁵
  • New upper floating plates: for greater hold on any hair type
  • High-strength plates: aluminum casing resistant to high levels of use (over 218,750 uses, i.e. the equivalent of over 20 years of use)⁶
  • Intelligent temperature control: temperature monitored 250x/second to ensure precise temperature on hair
  • 3 temperature levels from 180ºC to 210ºC to adapt to any hair type
  • 360° rotating cord: Features a 2.5m long cord for hassle-free waves and curls
  • Automatic shut-off control: after 30 minutes of non-use, the tool shuts off for added safety
  • Integrated water tank: with the tank full it is possible to comb up to 201 meters of hair without recharging

Instructions for use: Choose the correct comb for your hair type: Fine comb: for hair types I to IV (straight to wavy); Intermediate comb: for hair type I to IV (curly hair); Wide comb: for hair type VI & VII (very curly to kinky hair).

Fill the water tank with distilled water using the applicator and make sure to cover the water tank well for better use of the hob.

SteamPod works with the water tank empty, however, for better use of the hob and best results, fill the water tank when necessary. For added safety, place the protective plates on the outer metal plates when using to straighten hair. Make sure that the arrows on the plate point downwards when combing the hair.

Note: Some looks do not require the comb.

¹Instrumental test, measured hair breakage after 15 passes of Steampod 4 vs. Steampod 4 without comb and without steam.
²Instrumental test, compared to solid heating plates without steam and without comb
³Instrumental test: straightening results compared to SP4 without steam and without comb; snails compared to SP3
⁴Instrumental test on 38 people, SteamPod 4 vs. SteamPod 3.
⁵Instrumental test on 30 people.
⁶Based on 35 locks of hair per head, 2 strokes on each lock, 3 times a week.

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