Economical, practical and effective

The application of roll-on wax is an excellent alternative to the conventional method of hair removal/epilation. A very economical solution, which allows you to epilate large areas, such as legs and arms.

The wax for hair removal should be heated evenly, at a temperature that does not cause discomfort to the skin. Its application greatly facilitates the professional's work, avoiding the wear and tear of cleaning wax residues from spatulas or surfaces. With the ideal amount, wax refills eliminate any problem related to cross contamination.

A natural wax, with a formula specially designed for all skin and hair types.

Main features:

  • Honey has a very active moisturizing component leaving the skin smooth and velvety.
  • Indicated for those who do a frequent epilation

How to use: Place the roll-on on a handle (equipment) let it warm up for 30 to 50 minutes, then clean the skin with a pre-epilatory lotion, not only to clean it but to remove any residue on the skin. The ideal is to apply a little talcum powder if the skin is damp to ensure that it is completely dry and allow the wax to adhere well. Slide the roll-on pulley over the skin, in the direction of hair growth and pull out with a band in the opposite direction, holding the skin tissues well.  

Note: You should not apply wax to the same area more than once. Just remove the toughest hairs with the same strip of paper you used earlier. We advise you to use a post-epilation lotion to remove and soothe the skin.

Also use…

  • To speed up your work, opt for a heating base for multiple roll-on handles. Allows you to heat more than one recharge at the same time.
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