Ballet Collection

The Ballet Collection elevates feminine determination and sweetness, in 6 Shades of Gel Varnish. A charming and very delicate edition, which reflects the strength and simplicity of the dancer in each of us.

An Andreia gel polish developed with the professional in mind, perfect for decorating and reinforcing the natural nail.

Its fluid texture provides excellent coverage and excellent adherence, with an intense shine that lasts for up to 4 weeks.

This gel polish adapts to all catalyst technologies, so it dries quickly under LED lamps (1 minute) or UV lamps (2 minutes).

Color BA3 Glitter Pink - A distinctive shade full of elegance, to dazzle and shine with a lot of glamour!

Main features:

  • Duration up to 4 weeks
  • Can be cured under LED and UV light
  • Decorates and reinforces the natural nail
  • Excellent adhesion and coverage
  • Intense bright colors

How to use: Polish the nail in order to leave it porous. Apply Primer and allow to air dry for 2 minutes. Apply Base + Top coat and cure 120 seconds in UV lamp and 60 seconds in lamp (LED). Use the desired color and cure 120 seconds in UV lamp or 60 seconds in lamp (LED). Repeat the process on the second layer.
Apply Base + Top coat and cure for 120 seconds in UV lamp or 60 seconds in lamp (LED). Finally, degrease with the Cleaner.

The tone samples are merely indicative, as they may vary depending on the computer screen used to view them. In this way, Pluricosmética declines any responsibility for any color variations that may arise .

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