Total volume control and prolonged anti-frizz action

Cadiveu Açai Oil is a treatment oil that is 10 times more antioxidant than other hair oils.

Extremely versatile, this hair oil can be used when finishing, before washing your hair, or mixed into masks, coloring or even bleaching, preserving the health of your hair.

Suitable for any type of hair, especially voluminous, rebellious and frizzy hair, this oil is enriched with Açai Oil and Marine Collagen, with antioxidant power that prevents yellowing and fading of the strands.

Its formula also has natural UV protection, which repairs split ends, protects and leaves hair silky, nourished, soft and shiny.

Main features:

  • Prevents yellowing and fading of hair
  • UV Protection
  • Repair split ends
  • Nourished, soft and shiny hair
  • Anti frizz

How to use: Finishing - Apply a few drops to the ends of dry or damp hair to add shine, softness and control frizz.

Before washing - Apply a few drops to dry hair and leave on for 30 minutes before washing. This will help protect your hair from the heat of the hairdryer and straightener.

Mixed with the mask - Add a few drops to the hydration mask to enhance its effects.

Mixed with coloring or bleaching - Add a few drops to the mixture to protect hair from chemical damage.

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