satin cap for sleeping

A cap that thanks to its satin fabric, helps to preserve the hair's natural moisture, preventing the appearance of frizz during the night.

Its light and soft material helps to keep the hair hydrated, protecting the strands from drying caused by friction between the hair and moisture-absorbing materials, such as cotton, thus reducing split ends and frizz.

It also helps to reduce breakage and tangles, contributing to a decrease in hair loss.

Despite being suitable for any type of hair, its benefits will be more visible on wavy, curly or dry hair. It keeps the curls and waves defined and in the case of straight hair with the help of a flat iron or Babyliss, the effect is prolonged for longer.

Comfortable, its large size with elastic, adapts to any head shape, staying in place all night, to wake up in your best style.

Main features:

  • Helps prevent frizz and dry hair
  • Prevents knots and hair breakage
  • Gives definition to curls and waves
  • prolongs the straightening
  • Ideal for all hair types
  • black in color

How to use: Remember that the hair must be dry before putting on the cap, so that the dampness muffled by the satin cap does not create problems on the scalp, such as dandruff. Put your hair in a loose bun or simply put your hair down inside the cap. The brighter, softer side of satin should always be turned inwards.

Also use…

Remember that frizz is related to the hair's hydration level. To reduce this effect, it is essential to bet on specific products for each hair type. For example, shampoo and conditioner, hair oil and leave-in, which can complement the hydration and nutrition of the hair fiber.

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