Chrome nails have never been as trendy as they are now! Achieve nails worthy of a Hollywood celebrity with the Chrome Illusion Pen.

Thanks to its all-in-one pen (powder + applicator) it promises to facilitate and speed up application for an effortless, flawless result.

Six stunning chrome finish options to elevate your style to the highest level, with a 100% Vegan formula.

04 Mirror Gold - The classic mirrored gold, which adds a touch of elegance and glamor to your nails.

01 Aurora | 02 Chameleon Magenta | 03 Chameleon | 04 Mirror Gold | 05 Mirror Silver | 06 Holographic

Be surprised by the versatility and ease of use of these pens, allowing your nails to shine like never before!

Main features:

  • Easy and quick application
  • Chrome finish
  • 100% vegan formula

How to use: Apply a layer of ALL IN ONE NO WIPE TOP COAT and cure*, 30 seconds in LED light or 60 seconds in UV light. Using the CHROME ILLUSION PEN sponge, apply the powder to the entire area of the nail. Clean off excess powder with the POWDER REMOVER brush. Apply a layer of BASE TOP COAT 2in1 and cure* for 60 seconds in LED light or 120 seconds in UV light. Clean the inhibition layer (gum) with EXTRA GLOW.

*Calination time may vary depending on the equipment used.

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