Parafina Bronze Samba Scented Water is a refreshing and energizing body spray, perfect for any time of the day.

With a vibrant and cheerful fragrance, inspired by the rhythm of Carnival, this splash combines citrus and floral notes for a sensation of joy and movement.

Ideal for use after bathing, swimming pool, beach or gym, Samba Scented Water prolongs the freshness effect, neutralizes perspiration odors and leaves you fragrant and invigorated on any occasion, thanks to its light and moisturizing formula perfect for summer. .

Main features:

  • Soft and refreshing fragrance
  • Perfect for any time of the day
  • Prolonged feeling of freshness
  • Effective against perspiration odors
  • Easy to carry and perfect to always have in your bag

How to use: Scented water can be used after bathing, swimming pool, beach, gym, at work and at social events to refresh, perfume, revitalize and neutralize odors. On hot days, choose splash over perfume for a softer, more refreshing effect.

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