The solution for wonderful styling and drying

The Sutra Infrared Ionic 2" Blow Out Electric Hair Brush is ideal for creating professional styles at home, as it combines the powerful airflow of a hairdryer with the volumizing benefits of a large oval brush.

A complete drying and styling solution thanks to its exclusive Healthy Heat FAR Infrared (IR) and Ionic technologies. IR delivers gentle waves that help dry hair from the inside out while stimulating the scalp to encourage healthy new hair growth.

The 2" barrel of this electric hairbrush is ideal for styling all hair types and is perfect for creating volume, soft curls and flexible waves. The solution for drying and creating fantastic hairstyles.

It has a 360° airflow that can be adjusted to the heat and speed needed to create the style. Its cold air function with a stylish finish guarantees long-lasting drying with improved softness and volume. A blend of premium nylon and boar bristles effortlessly detangle, smooth and enhance shine, ensuring a smooth, frizz-free finish.

Main features:

  • Safe for all hair types
  • Ideal for styling and drying hair quickly and efficiently
  • Shiny, smooth and frizz-free finish
  • Healthier hair with every use
  • FAR Healthy Heat infrared technology
  • Ion generator
  • 2" 50mm oval rose gold barrel
  • Powerful 1000W DC motor
  • Nylon and boar bristles
  • 3 heat levels
  • 360° swivel cable
  • Fixes the color in the hair, giving it greater durability

How to use: Make sure your hair is clean, 70% dry and free from any styling products, as these may interfere with the straightening process. Turn on the brush and let it heat to the desired temperature. Choose a heat setting that suits your hair type. It is recommended to start with a lower temperature setting and increase if necessary.

Before using any heat styling tools, apply a heat protectant to minimize heat damage. Divide your hair into manageable sections using hair clips. This will make combing your hair easier and ensure each section is styled correctly.

Take a section of hair and place the electric brush under the section near the roots. Slowly and gently glide the brush towards the ends of your hair. Repeat this movement a few times to ensure the heat is distributed evenly and your hair is dry. Continue working on each section of hair, one at a time, until you have styled all the desired areas. After brushing your hair, you can style it further by adding volume, curls or any other finishing touch you want.

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